A Quest for Excellence and A Passion for Victory

By Kristin Schepici on April 19, 2012

Robert Knowling and Linkage

I believe that beyond his upbringing, a person defines himself by the external conditions that affect his life. The response to those conditions is what counts. It’s not where you came from that is essential. It’s what you do with your potential. — Robert Knowling

Robert Knowling recently shared an excerpt of his book You Can Get There From Here: My Journey From Struggle to Success (by arrangement with Portfolio/Penguin, Copyright 2011) with TrainingMag.com. In the excerpt, he explains how his friend, Dr. Noel Tichy, encouraged him to write his memoir for many years before he started working on it.  Mr. Knowling never thought his story was worth telling until he finally sat down and told it.  To read the excerpt, click here>>

Mr. Knowling is the chairman of Eagles Landing Partners, a consulting firm, and the former CEO of Telwares, SimDesk Technologies, and COVAD Communications. He was also the first CEO of the NYC Leadership Academy, a nonprofit corporation dedicated to improving the leadership skills of public school principals.

Both Knowling and Tichy will be keynote speakers at the 2012 Talent & Organization Development Institute™ in Chicago, June 11-13.  For more information, visit www.linkageinc.com/OD.


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