Is security or freedom more important in today’s workforce?

By Mark Hannum on September 24, 2015


The price of “freedom” requires the courage to believe that your unique talents have value. But the price of the illusion of “security” often requires much bigger sacrifices.

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The toxic effects of communication triangulation

By Mark Hannum on August 15, 2015


This is the fifth in a series of posts on Systems Thinking by Linkage Principal Consultant Mark Hannum. He admits that the series will probably reveal too much about who he is, and why he does what he does.

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What makes a great Chief Strategy Officer?

By Mark Hannum on June 1, 2015


Every successful CSO, and for that matter, every successful person I’ve ever met has developed a core set of values or philosophies that they stand for unequivocally. In life, they are the person you want as your parent, your spouse, your family, your partner.

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Execution takes courage, right?

By Mark Hannum on April 14, 2015


Getting stuff done is always a hot topic. And while there are many reasons cited for execution “fails”—lack of alignment, poor planning, communication and culture problems, reward and recognition issues, and the globally used “talent deficit”—all of these issues can be traced back to a lack of strategic clarity.

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What are you good at?

By Mark Hannum on January 8, 2015


Do you have the skills and knowledge it takes to excel at organizing people and improve organizational effectiveness?

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The 10-point change checklist

By Mark Hannum on January 6, 2015


Moving an organization to the next level is not easy. It’s not routine. It’s not “business as usual.” And it takes committed leadership and the combined force of three very different types of individuals—experts, networkers, and passionate champions.

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Obey me or else?!

By Mark Hannum on November 20, 2014


I don’t follow people who wield authority to make themselves feel good. I don’t follow power trippers. And I’m not alone. No one follows these types of leaders. We may obey them, but we don’t follow them…

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Don’t pull the ladder up behind you

By Mark Hannum on May 13, 2014


Now that you’ve “made it,” the question is: Are you bringing people along with you?

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