The path to purposeful leadership starts with you

By Matt Norquist on April 24, 2017


We sorted fact from fiction to determine what separates great leaders from the rest. Our data from nearly a million leaders worldwide revealed five key commitments that separate the best from the rest.

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Celebrating Women

By Matt Norquist on March 8, 2017


As I celebrate the women that I work alongside, and all women on International Women’s Day, I reflect on how honored I am to be surrounded by so many talented colleagues, clients, and friends. Here are a few ways that I’m proud of our company.

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Not Sincerely, but Purposefully Yours.

By Matt Norquist on February 28, 2017


Great leadership is ours—to be, to follow, to find, to create. Our recent research has shed light on the five key commitments that great leaders purposefully make and keep. What we found was startling. Leaders and leadership are not always truly successful by being strong or powerful.

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Say what needs to be said (while it’s still today)

By Matt Norquist on December 1, 2016


None of us can predict what is coming tomorrow (good or bad)—what opportunities will present themselves to create our legacy, to create lasting leadership impact. One thing we do know is that every day is full of moments in time to create an impact. What are 3 things you can do to create lasting leadership impact, while it’s still today?

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Leadership and Awareness: It Begins with You

By Matt Norquist on October 16, 2016


Any substantial anniversary inspires moments of reflection. For me, as we kick-off the 20th anniversary of Linkage’s Global Institute for Leadership Development® (what we call GILD), I pause to think about the tens of thousands of leaders who’ve been impacted by Linkage and this global immersion learning experience. As we take it all in and absorb as much as we can from those around us, we also have a unique opportunity to reflect on our own paths as leaders and to build greater self-awareness. This process begins when we commit to being truly aware of the impact of our reactions and the influence we have on others.

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Fit to Lead: Continuously Earning the Right to Remain at the Top

By Matt Norquist on August 22, 2016


Being fit to lead in a remarkable way won’t happen overnight. But like an athlete’s precise training and progression plan and agile management skills—there are things that current and aspiring leaders can implement to improve themselves and earn the right to be leaders.

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Leadership, Inclusion and the World Around Us

By Matt Norquist on July 29, 2016


What role can business leaders can play in creating inclusive, safe, and high-performing businesses? In this one-on-one interview, author, advisor and consultant Dalia Mogahed addresses some culturally held beliefs about Muslims and the impact that our thinking has on how we lead organizations today.

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Out of time? Here are 4 ways to make progress every day

By Matt Norquist on June 14, 2016


If we say something is a priority but don’t do it, it’s not a priority. It’s just a broken promise. Leaders who really commit, and empower their team to work through these common challenges make progress each and every day.

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What are you great at?

By Matt Norquist on May 10, 2016


We will each ultimately realize greater success and satisfaction by focusing on the things that we naturally excel at. Learning to use our strengths is partially discovery, partially creation, and partially making the most of what we have.

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All You Need Is Love: The Story of an Everyday Leader

By Matt Norquist on April 11, 2016


Well, love is not all that you need in leadership, but it’s one of the first things you need if you want to be a strong leader. It is easier to make and keep commitments if we are doing something that we want to do.

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