Fit to Lead: Continuously Earning the Right to Remain at the Top

By Matt Norquist on August 22, 2016

Being fit to lead in a remarkable way won’t happen overnight. But like an athlete’s precise training and progression plan and agile management skills—there are things that current and aspiring leaders can implement to improve themselves and earn the right to be leaders.

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Leadership, Inclusion and the World Around Us

By Matt Norquist on July 29, 2016

What role can business leaders can play in creating inclusive, safe, and high-performing businesses? In this one-on-one interview, author, advisor and consultant Dalia Mogahed addresses some culturally held beliefs about Muslims and the impact that our thinking has on how we lead organizations today.

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Out of time? Here are 4 ways to make progress every day

By Matt Norquist on June 14, 2016

If we say something is a priority but don’t do it, it’s not a priority. It’s just a broken promise. Leaders who really commit, and empower their team to work through these common challenges make progress each and every day.

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What are you great at?

By Matt Norquist on May 10, 2016

We will each ultimately realize greater success and satisfaction by focusing on the things that we naturally excel at. Learning to use our strengths is partially discovery, partially creation, and partially making the most of what we have.

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All You Need Is Love: The Story of an Everyday Leader

By Matt Norquist on April 11, 2016

Well, love is not all that you need in leadership, but it’s one of the first things you need if you want to be a strong leader. It is easier to make and keep commitments if we are doing something that we want to do.

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Leaders: Let’s Train (Not Just Try). Here’s Why.

By Matt Norquist on March 25, 2016

We try really hard most of the time. And working hard is table stakes for most. But doing whatever it takes is simply not enough. We need focused attention on improving what matters the most. This practical real-life metaphor has worked for me, and for our team—when it comes to producing results.

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The next biggest and best idea (probably won’t come from me)

By Matt Norquist on December 16, 2015

More oftentimes than not, it’s the everyday experiences that inspire (and re-inspire) me to think about my responsibility as a leader. The other day, I attended a good friend’s wedding. Watching Dave and Ally proclaim their vows to one another really got me thinking about commitment.

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Time for reflection, and giving back

By Matt Norquist on December 1, 2015

December is a natural time for reflection as we at Linkage look ahead to the New Year, and as we look back with gratitude to those we have worked with, exchanged ideas with, and learned with this year.

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An Olympic athlete, a best-selling author…and the rest of us

By Matt Norquist on August 18, 2015

I’ve been lucky enough to know a handful of people who are the very best in the world at what they do. And they provide valuable insight on how to achieve peak performance in business and in life.

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Why I’m Here: The Power of Purpose

By Matt Norquist on July 30, 2015

One week into my job as CEO at Linkage, I’ve been taking a page out of my son Jack’s book–-remembering that sometimes purpose is a lifelong pursuit, but other times purpose is momentary.

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