Do You Have Impostor Syndrome? Take This 3 Question Quiz to Find Out

By Richard Leider on September 12, 2019

Have you ever felt like “I’m in over my head…and they’re going to find out?” If you suffer from self doubt, you may have Imposter Syndrome.

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You Might Be a Conversational Narcissist and Not Even Know It (Here’s How to Tell)

By Richard Leider on June 28, 2019

If you have the tendency to make every conversation about you, you might be a “conversational narcissist” and not even know it. Here are 3 signs you are and practices to help adddress this.

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Are You Fulfilling Your Life Purpose? Answer These 7 Questions Now!

By Richard Leider on May 24, 2018

There are no rigid formulas for how to write your purpose statement as a leader, mentor or coach, but there are many helpful techniques to assist you. Here are seven thought-provoking questions to get you started.

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Are you becoming a wise leader?

By Richard Leider on February 12, 2018

Richard Leider

So, how does one go from being a smart leader to becoming a wise leader? Start by seeing the world differently—from the inside out. A wise leader is constantly becoming more self‐aware. Without self‐awareness, it’s very hard to move out of smartness.

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Self-awareness matters [Here’s why]

By Richard Leider on October 11, 2017

Richard Leider

“Becoming” a purposeful leader should be the foundation of any leader development process or plan because it is the core for leading in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. Being able to “hold the center” is an essential life skill for leaders today.

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Why uncertain times need certainty of purpose

By Richard Leider on May 19, 2017

Richard Leider

Creating your life the way you want, so that you feel a sense of certainty from it, requires a commitment to yourself to take actions every day. There are no magic buttons or pills that will get you there.

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Is It The End of Work As We Know It?

By Richard Leider on December 7, 2016

Richard Leider

The new work world requires that we “know ourselves,” know our “value proposition,” and become intrapreneurial lifelong learners. Are you and your team prepared for this new normal?

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What Is Your Reason for Getting Up in the Morning?

By Richard Leider on April 19, 2016

Richard Leider

A calling is the natural impulse to want to add value. It is about more than doing a job. It is about recognizing your inner gifts and offering them in service of others. It is leadership in the truest sense of the word.

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The Post-it Challenge: Finding Your True Purpose [video]

By Richard Leider on February 25, 2016

Richard Leider

What is your purpose as a leader? Executive coach Richard Leider shares a simple exercise you can do to get started. (P.S. You only need a Post-it note.)

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