Be still and be a better leader

By Marty Jordan on March 18, 2015


The paradox of productivity is: In order to be a better, more productive leader, you must take time to quiet your mind and be still.

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The best executive coaches “fit” with their clients

By Bill Springer on February 20, 2015


It may not be possible to develop an authentic commitment to executive coaching through sheer willpower alone. But you can develop a mindset, i.e. new ‘automatic’ cognitive messages, that will help you counter your own resistance to change.

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IQ gets you hired. Emotional intelligence gets you promoted.

By Marty Jordan on February 17, 2015


I was recently coaching a leader who had the potential to do great things. I’m sure you know this type of person—smart, quick, articulate and out to prove he is the smartest person in the room. All that was missing was a little thing called emotional intelligence. And that “little” thing was holding him back.

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Edit the script to your leadership story

By Briana Goldman on January 27, 2015


We encourage the leaders we work with to look at the highs and lows of their life, diagram them, and look for themes and insights to emerge. The objective is to strengthen their leadership by understanding what makes them a leader (and the person) they are.

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Top posts of 2014

By Rory Cellucci on December 31, 2014


Tracking the most popular posts of the year helps us continue to improve—and sparks some friendly competition between our bloggers too!

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Leadership lessons from Santa

By Bill Springer on December 23, 2014

Of course good leadership practices are important year round. But with the added stress of the holidays, we can all learn a thing or two about leadership from Santa.

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Coaching the Inner Critic

By Susan MacKenty Brady on December 11, 2014


We all have an Inner Critic. Here’s part one of a three-part series on how you can Coach Your Inner Critic in 30 Seconds or Less.

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Change how you change (video)

By Mitchell Nash on December 4, 2014


Successful leaders must learn how to manage the practical elements of change as well as the emotional elements of how people react for the desired change to have a sustained and positive impact.

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Lead better by improving your posture? (video)

By Bill Springer on December 3, 2014


Social psychologist and Linkage faculty member Amy Cuddy shows how altering your posture to convey confidence can affect testosterone and cortisol levels in the brain, and impact your chances for success.

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11 elements of great executive coaching

By Dave Vaughn on November 25, 2014


These 11 elements are built on the belief that every coach (every employee and employer, really) has the responsibility to give every assignment their best effort because consistent best effort leads to great performance.

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