Is ego making you a bad leader? [video]

By Charley Morrow on March 2, 2016

Leaders who exude confidence are clear about the decisions that they make. They have the right answers to difficult questions, can make strategic decisions quickly, and give valuable directives to their teams in times of need. Leaders who inspire through confidence can create a vision for the future and get others to unite around that vision.

Confidence, though, when taken too far, can get leaders into trouble. It can (and sometimes does unknowingly) turn into grandiosity. This unrealistic and inflated sense of self-worth can lead to unconscious behaviors that make others feel less valued.

Grandiosity can be hard to identify in yourself. Even though you may not think about it, chances are good that the members of your team can spot it from a mile away. And its impact on self-worth is bigger than you think.

How do you overcome your own ego to draw from the diverse perspectives on your team?

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Charley Morrow is SVP of Products and Partnerships at Linkage. In addition to working with clients, he has responsibility for the overall development and refinement of programs and assessments.

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