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By Lauren Rodriguez on March 11, 2015


When it comes to the value of inclusive leadership in the workplace the research is pretty clear:

High turnover costs associated with diverse work groups can be significantly reduced when leaders develop a high overall level of inclusiveness in their relationships with group members.” –Cornell University Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies

Higher levels of inclusion were related to increased job satisfaction and a higher sense of well-being.” –Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute

And yet still: “While an overwhelming majority of organizations aspire to have an ‘inclusive’ culture within three years, only 11 percent of companies do this today.”Bersin by Deloitte, Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarking Report

The facts are that those who lead inclusively foster an environment where employees are welcomed, accepted, and valued. Employees feel recognized for their unique contribution, which inspires commitment and energy for the organization and its mission. And this leads to increased productivity and engagement, a sense of security at work, and innovative thinking.

Sounds like a recipe for business success, right?

Yes, but just because an organization knows it needs to be more inclusive is hardly enough to stop common (and toxic) exclusionary behaviors from happening. Have you ever…

  • Not been invited to a meeting when you were the subject matter expert?
  • Been overlooked for a promotion?
  • Had your suggestions dismissed in a group environment?
  • Been the victim or witness to blatant recipient of sexist, racist attitudes, or organizational politics?

If so, chances are your organization is not as inclusive as it could be, and that’s bad for business. But there are specific things any organization can do to be more inclusive, and we can help.

Anyone can learn to be a more inclusive leader. And this free webinar held by two of  Linkage’s inclusion experts, Lauren Rodriguez and Lonney Gregory, is a great place to start.

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