Free webinar recording: Diversity Strategies that Yield Results: What Works and What Doesn’t

By Rory Cellucci on May 12, 2014

Diversity managers who want to integrate cost-effective, battle-tested initiatives don’t always have enough tools and resources to identify and apply best practices to actual work situations. These programs demand time, energy, and money—and the empirical evidence about outcomes is limited. The few studies out there contradict each other, which can make it nearly impossible to determine what practices to implement.
In this interview-style webinar, Dr. Shelton Goode helps you:

– Leverage best practices to achieve organizational goals

– Identify outdated paradigms and misguided diversity management initiatives that have prevented others from capitalizing on talent embedded within the ranks

– Judge where past efforts have yielded success and which initiatives require a new approach




Dr. Shelton Goode is the Director, Diversity and Inclusion for PPL Corporation and is responsible for leveraging diversity to enhance the company’s strategic business results. He is also the author of Diversity Managers: Angels of Mercy or Barbarians at the Gate.


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