Leadership Assessment

In preparation for the Global Institute for Leadership Development, each participant will complete the Leadership Assessment Instrument (LAI), a comprehensive 360° instrument that measures leadership capability.

Based on the differentiators of the High Impact Leadership Model™ the LAI is a multi-rater instrument designed to capture not only the feedback that leaders provide on themselves, but also feedback from their managers, peers, and direct reports concerning their leadership competencies and skills.

The Report

The data collected in through the instrument is aggregated and summarized into a personal Leadership Assessment Profile™ that is given to each participant upon their arrival at the immersion program. Each report contains five parts:

  • Part I contains a detailed description of the High Impact Leadership Model, which serves as the foundation of the LAI and provides definitions on the various leadership competencies and leadership skills on which the participant is tested.
  • Part II contains an Interpretive Guide that will help the leader in reading and interpreting his/her results, as well as identifying what steps she can potentially take in response.
  • Part III: Your Results – Competencies contains the participant’s results with respect to the leadership competencies in the LAI.
  • Part IV: Your Results – Skills contains the participant’s results with respect to the leadership skills in the LAI.
  • Part V: Summary of Results with respect to both the leadership competencies and skills. This part provides a breakdown of strengths and opportunities for development based on both overall and rater group scores. Additionally, this part includes your ten highest/lowest item scores.

How it fits into GILD

It is important for you to note that the High Impact Leadership Model serves as the basis not only for the LAI, but also for the entire GILD curriculum. Each element of the model’s competencies, skills, and responsibilities will be covered in the learning sessions, and all of the additional GILD programming, including the daily work of the Learning Teams, the executive coaching, the resource guide, the continuous learning opportunities, and even the components of the Year of Learning, are designed to facilitate and support your accelerated and sustainable growth in each individual component.

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