Women in Leadership Institute™

The Women in Leadership Institute™ is a high-impact, immersive learning experience designed to accelerate the succession and development of high-potential emerging women leaders through skills-based learning, peer connection, and focused on-going support.

The Institute has played a significant role in advancing the careers and changing the lives of over 8,000 women. By deeply understanding the challenges facing women leaders today, Linkage knows what it takes to accelerate their advancement:

  • Developing competencies—As women begin to advance in an organization, their continued success depends upon an ability to learn, hone, and master specific leadership competencies
  • Strength in numbers—Organizations who commit to developing multiple high-potential women see dramatic results including increased numbers of women at senior leadership levels
  • ŽCoaching and connection—When individuals are encouraged to build relationships and learn from others, their perspective changes and expands–making them more innovative, strategic, and effective
  • Continuous learning—When  learning is supported and integrated into
    leaders’ individual development plans, it creates lasting change

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Linkage’s Global Institute for Leadership Development®

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4 Days. 8 Keynote Speakers. Boundless Opportunities.

Sept. 16-19, 2019 | Palm Desert, CA

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