Susan MacKenty Brady

Susan MacKenty Brady is the Chief Strategist for Linkage’s Accelerating Women Leaders Practice, an Executive Vice President, and a Principal Consultant at Linkage. In this role, she oversees Linkage’s Institute business, open enrollment programs, marketing and operations organizations, and professional service offerings focused on accelerating women leaders.

In 1999, Ms. Brady co-founded the Women in Leadership Summit, and prior to rejoining Linkage in her current role, she worked with two spin offs of the Harvard Negotiation Project where she coached executives, and led strategic marketing and business development initiatives. Ms. Brady served as President and CEO of the Relational Life Institute, an educational services organization.

She is also a contributing author of Enlightened Power: How Women Are Transforming the Path to Leadership.

One comment on “Susan MacKenty Brady
  1. Dear Susan Brady,

    How are you, I hope that all is well. I read a piece in the in the linkage title: Building a culture of Inclusion which included your powerful Video on meaningful approach to diversity; I was very impressed. In the article, the writer, Bill Springer stated, “Lots of leaders say they want to build a more inclusive organization. But not every leader actually knows what inclusion means, and more importantly, what needs to happen to build an inclusive organization. Cultivating an inclusive culture is more than a mere buzzword. Inclusive leaders’ foster loyal and productive teams and they help create cultures that embrace diversity, thrive on synergy, and produce exponentially high results.”

    I love it, especially you eloquent video statements on diversity; please keep the good work going.
    I believe that the only way to achieve inclusivity is for leaders to approach diversity in the same way they work towards achieving corporate goals. Normally, leaders start by doing situation analysis, from the situation analysis, they craft a well defined goal or goals with a road map and assessment techniques to achieve the stated goal/goals, while making necessary adjustment and adapting strategies to ultimately achieve the goal if they were to be faced with some bottle-necks.

    You are clearly authentic and committed to inclusiveness, I like your thinking and view in deliverance. My research is in the area of diversity policies and practices; you are certainly the caliber of committed leader I would love to work with. I have done numerous works in the area of diversity, and I am currently embarking on writing a weekly series web-based publication in the LinkedIn to help in the promotion of holistic approach to true diversity and inclusivity. Should you have time and want to see some of my work, please see the foundation for my plan to address issues associated with diversity (, and a piece I wrote in commemoration of Women’s month for American Diversity Report (

    I definitely would love to share more with you if you are interested in having me play some roles in your superb work in the Linkage and you effort in fostering diversity and inclusion. I look forward to reading and perhaps connecting with you; until then, you have a great day.


    Joseph Nwoye

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