Is your organization poised to advance women? [Webinar recording]

By Sarah Breigle on July 21, 2016

Dr. Jill Ihsanullah of Linkage

Are leaders in your organization engaged in efforts to support, strengthen, and develop women leaders? What do best-in-class organizations do to enable women to succeed—and how can you create lasting impact by helping women leaders advance?

In this webinar recording, Linkage researcher Jillian Ihsanullah, PhD, shares an insider’s look at the critical factors necessary to assess your organization’s aptitude for advancing women leaders.

She also shares a framework to equip you to become a change agent for the advancement of women leaders in your organization and lead with greater personal influence.




Jill Ihsanullah is a faculty member at Linkage’s 2016 Women in Leadership Institute. She is also the Vice President of Organizational Development and a Principal Consultant at Linkage. An industrial/organizational psychologist, researcher, and Practice Area Lead for Advancing Women Leaders, she specializes in working with organizations to build values, people systems, and leadership experiences that accelerate the development and commitment of women leaders, while enlarging talent pipelines. She has significant experience in executive team work, strategy, culture, change and transition, business metrics, and assessment.

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