Free Webinar Recording: Unleashing Efficacy: Expanding Personal and Organizational Performance

By Kristin Schepici on October 24, 2011

Professionals who perceive themselves—or are perceived by others—to be different by virtue of their race, gender, age, or orientation often feel something is preventing them from attaining the same career success as their colleagues. Managers often do not understand the unique challenges these professionals face or how to help them advance their careers. As a result, organizations may miss the opportunity to develop and retain diverse and talented professionals.

Efficacy, as outlined in Michael Hyter’s new book, The Power of Choice: Embracing Efficacy to Drive Your Career, is a strategic approach to career development that individuals can use to create and sustain career momentum. Organizations can use this approach to develop under-represented employees and create a more inclusive environment.

From this webinar recording, you will:

  • Examine the unique challenges faced by under-represented professionals
  • Develop a foundation of knowledge around Efficacy principles
  • Learn practical strategies for building and sustaining career momentum
  • Hear strategies for leveraging Efficacy to create a more inclusive environment

About the presenter:

Michael (Mike) Hyter is the President and Managing Partner of Global Novations, a global talent management consultancy. Throughout his 15-year career at the firm, he has focused on developing talent and helping organizations increase the full potential of their employees.



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