Hire Great People and Get Out of Their Way

By Kristin Schepici on April 11, 2012

Daniel Pink and Linkage

Rana Florida, CEO of The Creative Class Group, recently wrote a piece for the Huffington Post titled, Your Start-Up Life: Dan Pink on Why “Passion” Doesn’t Matter. In her interview with Dan Pink, 2012 Talent & Organization Development Institute™ keynote speaker, she asked: What kinds of programs can managers and companies put into place to motivate their workforce? Dan’s advice is to foster autonomy, mastery, and purpose. He used the example of an Australia-based company, Atlassian. They allow their employees the ability to work on anything for 24 hours and then present their results to the organization the following day. According to Dan, “These one-day bursts of autonomy have produced a whole array of fixes for existing products, ideas for new ones, and improvements to internal processes that would have otherwise never emerged. For creative tasks, the best approach is often just to hire great people and get out of their way.”

To read their full interview, click here>>

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