Holding It Together as an Organization

By Kristin Schepici on April 12, 2012

Talent Managers and their Role in CEO Succession Linkage

According to Terry Deal and Allan Kennedy and their research on corporate culture—the underpinning of an organization’s strength is its culture. It trumps strategy everytime. Employee loyalty and trust is a function of the belief in the organization’s culture. Culture is the foundation for the goals and objectives at hand–it fosters employee engagement while sustaining top talent. In order to solve your talent crisis, you need to understand your culture so that you know how to find employees who ‘fit’ your culture.

View the people within your organization as an asset and you can increase the ROI of your talent bench strength by developing your leadership pipeline, focusing on succession planning and creating a sustainable, flexible plan for the future.

We have partnered with Noel Tichy and the University of Michigan, Global Business Partnership, this year to create the Talent and Organization Development Institute™  to develop the practitioner’s capacity to manage complexity and drive results.

To learn more about the research that was conducted to develop the Institute, click here

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