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By Kerry Seitz on November 3, 2016

Most days, we don’t really think about why we’re here—we’re busy with day-to-day commitments at home and at work. But, once in a while, we have the opportunity to reflect on and think about what we want to become in life. Sometimes, it’s obvious and the answers are right in front of us. Other times, we make new discoveries that change how we show up in the world. We show vulnerability in front of our team for the first time. We decide to approach every conversation with genuine curiosity. We build relationships by talking with someone new every day. We get clarity on what we want—at home and at work—and have the courage to ask for it.

It’s the simple yet powerful daily practices that help us grow the most as leaders, teammates, parents, partners and friends. As we prepare to welcome over 700 women leaders to Dallas for our Women in Leadership Institute™, I’m excited to share some seeds of wisdom inspired by my recent conversation with a past participant, Rochelle Brown of FedEx Ground. The 2015 Institute was just the start of Rochelle’s journey of self-discovery and growth. What happened in the months that followed forever changed how she lives her life moment to moment, every day. If you are joining us in Dallas—or simply want to take a minute to reflect—take note…

  1. Push your own internal “pause” button several times a day. Collect your thoughts and reframe them before you react to any situation. Our own Susan Brady refers to this as managing your Inner Critic.
  2. Get really clear on your own competitive advantage. What makes you unique? Recognize that your own authenticity is your power card. In the words of keynote faculty member Carla Harris: “No one can be a better version of you than you.”
  3. Share new ideas, dialogue and insights with your colleagues. Find a topic that you are passionate about and become a resource for other leaders in your organization.
  4. Build your own brand. Someone else’s perception of you is their reality. Find out what people are saying about you when you are not in the room. Influence the dialogue by having a conversation proactively about what success looks like in your role.
  5. Take the time to develop relationships. Invest in the people around you. It will be time well spent.

Clarity, awareness and purpose are not things that are easily defined. But if we allow ourselves moments to think about what they mean for us, the answers might be easier to find than we think. Rochelle’s closing words to me best describe this journey: “It will be life changing if you allow it to be.”

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About Kerry Seitz

Kerry Brady Seitz is the Executive Director of Linkage’s Women in Leadership Institute™, where she oversees the design, development and execution of this global signature program for high-performing women leaders. She also guides the design, development and delivery of Linkage's Advancing Women Leaders & Inclusive Leadership Solutions.

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