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By Bill Springer on September 22, 2015

Peter F. Drucker (pictured here) was a prolific writer, professor, and management consultant who explored the way human beings organize themselves and interact much the way an ecologist would observe and analyze the biological world.

He was also hailed by BusinessWeek as “the man who invented management” and influenced a large number of leaders from a wide range of organizations across all sectors of society. His 39 books and countless scholarly and popular articles predicted many of the major developments of the late 20th century.

Throughout his work, Drucker also called for a healthy balance—between short-term needs and long-term sustainability; between profitability and other obligations; between the specific mission of individual organizations and the common good; between freedom and responsibility.

That’s why we are so proud to announce The Linkage 20 Conversations program will be held at The Drucker School of Management at Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, California, from December 7-11, 2015. The Drucker School prides itself on providing cutting-edge insights from world-class faculty inspired by Drucker’s teaching, lively discussions about today’s most pressing issues, and expert guidance and encouragement. And so do we.

The Linkage 20 Conversations program is specifically designed for CEOs, C-suite executives and board members. It allows high-level leaders to come together to talk and learn from some of the brightest business minds in the world (and one another) in a small and focused group. This exclusive program helps participants tackle the unique business challenges that C-suite executives face every day.

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