Lunchtime is Your Time – 14 Things to Do While Taking a Break (Forbes)

By Kristin Schepici on September 19, 2012

Sometimes it feels like leaving your desk–let alone the office for lunch is like taking a secret vacation and you hope you no one notices you are gone for 30-60 minutes out of your 8+ hour workday. When did this happen?

When did lunchtime and actually taking a lunch break become a treat rather than a necessity? Forbes recently featured an article on the topic: 14 Things You Should Do On Your Lunch Break Every Day. Experts agree, productive employees need that afternoon break to recharge and refuel for better results. Jacquelyn Smith, Forbes staff writer, recommends these 14 things for your next lunch break:

  1. Make a plan
  2. Take a real break
  3. Get up from your desk/workspace
  4. Eat
  5. Enjoy your food
  6. Do what you can’t do in the morning or evening
  7. Use the time to connect with someone new
  8. Catch up with old friends
  9. Have a system for dealing with your absense
  10. Engage in activities that will help you re-energize
  11. Network
  12. Don’t get stuck in a routine
  13. Avoid all screens
  14. Don’t take too long or too short of a break

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What are you going to do during your next lunch break?

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