Workplace Burnout is Very Real; Here’s How You Can Help Your Teams Avoid It

By Amy Shapiro on June 11, 2019

Workplace burnout isn’t an inevitable part of our lives or our careers, and when organizations and leaders make real commitments to creating positive cultures and engaged workforces, we can avoid this costly distraction.

Motivational Speeches Don’t Work | A Q&A with Dave Logan, #LinkageGILD Keynote Speaker

By Rachael Marangu on June 3, 2019

Too often, leaders merely settle for the inevitable–or give excuses about why something didn’t happen. Great leaders do things differently, explains leadership strategist, author, and #LinkageGILD keynote speaker Dave Logan.

How to Effectively Lead Across Difference | 6 Takeaways on Leading Inclusively with #LinkageGILD’s Kwame Jackson

By Rachael Marangu on May 28, 2019

In our recent webinar, entrepreneur and political commentator Kwame Jackson shed light on how leaders can mitigate bias and move toward true inclusion in the workplace.

How can we move the needle for women in the workplace? | Insights from today’s board meeting

By Kerry Seitz on May 21, 2019

We’ve compiled some of our favorite input from leaders who are champions for advancing women and achieving gender parity.

Don’t Miss Thursday’s Webinar | Leading through Difference – Kwame Jackson’s Journey towards Inclusion over Bias

By Rachael Marangu on

Register now to join us for an important conversation about mitigating bias and moving toward true inclusion in the workplace.

Free Webinar | Ask with Confidence: Learn How to Successfully Negotiate with Molly Fletcher

By Kerry Seitz on May 20, 2019

Learn how to ask for what you want with confidence. Register now for a deep dive into negotiation with trailblazing sports agent, Molly Fletcher.

How to Set Smart Goals—and Make Them Happen

By Mark Hannum on May 15, 2019

How do you set and achieve great goals? Here is a simple framework to help you overcome common barriers to success.

Soccer Legend Abby Wambach to Keynote at Linkage’s 20th Annual Women in Leadership Institute (WIL)

By Kerry Seitz on May 14, 2019

I am thrilled to announce that soccer legend, best selling author, and activist Abby Wambach will join us at the 20th Annual Women in Leadership Institute™ on November 11-14, 2019 in Phoenix, Arizona.

How Can We Change the Game for Women in the Workplace? | Q&A: Jill Ihsanullah, PhD

By Kerry Seitz on May 6, 2019

In her latest research, Dr. Jill Ihsanullah identifies the four dimensions most directly correlated with the empowerment and effectiveness of women leaders.

Leaders, Let Your Ego Go—Here’s How

By Mark Hannum on April 29, 2019

As we progress and move up in our careers, our egos can get in the way of our own growth and evolution as leaders. These simple practices can help keep us in check.

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