Purposeful Leadership takes center stage today at #LinkageGILD

By Mark Hannum on October 22, 2017

Today marks a big day in Linkage history—we’re not only kicking-off our 21st Global Institute for Leadership Development® in Palm Desert—we’re sharing the findings from the largest leadership research study we’ve ever conducted in our 30 years of business.

What are you here for?

By Matt Norquist on October 12, 2017

That’s a big, lofty question. In fact, it might be one that we spend years, decades, or even our entire lives trying to figure out. Our team’s research took an in-depth look at how the most effective leaders answer this daunting question: What are you here for?

Self-awareness matters [Here’s why]

By Richard Leider on October 11, 2017

“Becoming” a purposeful leader should be the foundation of any leader development process or plan because it is the core for leading in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. Being able to “hold the center” is an essential life skill for leaders today.

Top 10 Things You Can Do to Prepare for #LinkageGILD

By Rachael Marangu on October 4, 2017

We’re just two weeks away from welcoming 500+ senior leaders from around the world for Linkage’s Global Institute for Leadership Development®. In preparation, we asked our team to share some helpful resources for you to think about in order to get the most out of your time with us.

Get curious. On Purpose.

By Susan MacKenty Brady on September 29, 2017

At some point, we need to question if the way we are thinking and feeling—and then speaking—is resulting in the impact we want to have on others. To do this, we need to get immensely curious about the stories we tell ourselves about our own behaviors and the behaviors of others.

Linkage returns as a Community Partner to TechWomen 2017!

By Maria Auperin on September 19, 2017

For the third year in a row, Linkage is proud to return as a Community Partner to TechWomen, which brings together women leaders in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields from twenty countries in Africa, South and Central Asia and the Middle East.

Gen. Thomas Kolditz to receive 2017 Warren Bennis Award for Excellence in Leadership

By Rachael Marangu on September 14, 2017

Thomas Kolditz will receive the 2017 Warren Bennis Award for Excellence in Leadership at Linkage’s Global Institute for Leadership Development® (GILD). Tom is a skydiving instructor and an American retired Brigadier General who has over two decades of experience in leadership roles on four continents.

Empowered Employees + The Right Decisions = Culture of Success

By Jim Estill on August 29, 2017

Great leaders spend time getting clear on what culture they want and they empower others. What does your company culture stand for? Take a few minutes to think about it using this common sense approach.

Don’t Miss Tuesday’s Webinar | Leading Successfully in a Global World

By Sarah Breigle on August 24, 2017

We’re all part of a global network. In many cases, we’re connecting virtually through email, video conferences, Skype and phone—where we must navigate different cultural realities of how people think and get things done. Join us for a webinar to address the common culture traps that can limit your success.

And the award goes to…

By Kerry Seitz on August 18, 2017

Drum roll please… Today, we’re announcing the four deserving recipients of Linkage’s 2017 Women in Leadership Executive Impact Award.

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