Top 10 Things You Can Do to Prepare for #LinkageGILD

By Rachael Marangu on October 4, 2017


We’re just two weeks away from welcoming 500+ senior leaders from around the world for Linkage’s Global Institute for Leadership Development®. Our team is in transit to Palm Desert, CA—eager to welcome you to what promises to be a memorable experience, and a fundamental step in your journey to becoming a purposeful leader. We asked our team to share some helpful resources for you to think about in order to get the most out of your time. Here are the top 10 things to ponder as you prepare for #LinkageGILD:

  1. Download the #LinkageGILD app on your tablet or mobile device. Access your personalized schedule, communicate with your personal coach, explore the faculty and executive coach biographies, network with other attendees, and get program updates.
  2. Opt in. GILD has no spectators. Prepare to actively participate in all aspects of the Institute and keep an open mind—you might just be surprised by what you learn about yourself and what’s possible for you on your journey of self-discovery and growth.
  3. Take a lesson from Harry Potter. In The Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry Potter sees a future version of himself completing a life-saving spell that he’s unfamiliar with. When the moment arrives, he rises to the occasion and performs the complex spell, because he saw himself do it in the future. As GILD faculty Asheesh Advani explains, self-efficacy may just be the key to your future. Set aside a few minutes to read this article and think about what’s possible.
  4. Remember why you’re here. At GILD, you’ll have the unique opportunity to reflect on your own journey—and what inspires you to lead. Our greatest call to action as leaders is to live our purpose. It matters—and has a lasting impact. Our team’s recent research explains how.
  5. Positive energy is the name of the game. According to Wall Street veteran Carla Harris, your ability to inspire your team is a direct result of your actions and your behavior—and it creates better results. Read her blog, Inspiration & Why It Matters.
  6. Think about your purpose. There are no rigid formulas for how to write your purpose statement as a leader, mentor or coach, but there are many helpful techniques to assist you. Here are seven ideas from GILD co-chair Richard Leider that have brought powerful results to many people over the years. Use them to see what you can discover about yourself—and bring them with you to discuss with your personal coach.
  7. Write down and share your company’s “Why.” According to Jim Estill, when your company has a clear reason for existing and your employees know that they’re working toward something bigger than themselves, you’ll find less need for motivational memos and stirring quarterly speeches, because your team will already be inspired.
  8. Equip your team for success. Your team is made up of diverse perspectives—and cultural differences can make it difficult for everyone to stay on the same page and communicate effectively. GILD faculty member Erin Meyer explains more in Harvard Business Review.
  9. Culture matters. According to Tim Sanders, when a culture is strong and pointed in the right direction, it shows up on the bottom line. Culture is a conversation that starts with leadership.
  10. Make time for you. The GILD experience is what you make of it. Book time on your calendar now for when you get back to the office. Give yourself time to process the information, decide what information you want to act on, and schedule your follow-up coaching sessions. Make an appointment to revisit your individual development plan.

If you haven’t already done so, join the conversation on social media. Follow @LinkageInc on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Tweet, post and share about your experience, and connect with other attendees. This year’s official hashtag is #LinkageGILD.

See you at the Institute!

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Rachael Marangu is the Director of Linkage’s Purposeful Leadership Solutions and oversees the creation of Linkage’s Global Institute for Leadership Development®. Working alongside practitioners, faculty, and outside partners to design, develop, and deliver Linkage’s signature leadership event, Rachael strives to inspire leaders to commit to purposeful living, professionally and personally.

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