Is feedback a blessing or a curse? (Hint: It depends on whom you ask)

By Sarah Breigle on April 26, 2016


What do you think of when you hear the word feedback?

Do you think of ongoing opportunities for learning and growth or the (often dreaded and now antiquated) annual performance review process?

According to professor, researcher, and McKinsey award-winning author Tammy Erickson, it depends on your generation.

Regardless of whether you think it’s good or bad, you can’t avoid it. Giving feedback is actually pivotal to leading effectively and is becoming more critical in today’s multigenerational workforce.

In this short clip, Tammy sat down with us to explain why.

We are proud that Tammy will be returning this year as a faculty member at our Global Institute for Leadership Development®.

Tell us: What are your perceptions of feedback? How has this shaped your experience giving and receiving feedback?

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