Don’t miss Tuesday’s webinar | New research reveals what differentiates the best leaders

By Sarah Breigle on June 2, 2017

Most leadership theories are based on anecdotes or individual examples rather than an evidence-driven approach to understanding great leadership. Our team has spent the last two years analyzing data from our body of work with nearly a million leaders over the last 30 years. And what we found might surprise you.

Join us for a webinar Purposeful Leadership™: What Differentiates the Best Leaders on Tuesday, June 6 at 2:00 PM ET for an insider’s look at our research findings.

Linkage’s Matt Norquist and Mark Hannum will share:

  • The five commitments that effective leaders make to themselves and their organizations
  • How to identify your personal why and successfully translate this into a broader vision
  • An exclusive look at Linkage’s Purposeful Leadership™ Model




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