Your voice is at the heart of your power: 10 Truths from #LinkageWIL

By Kerry Seitz on November 17, 2016

Last week, we hosted 800 women, including 50 executives, 15 alumnae, and 40 Advisory Board members at our 17th Women in Leadership Institute™, for a four-day immersive learning program. Participants experienced inspiring keynote faculty, leadership competency sessions, and intensive small group discussions. There were countless moments that left us inspired, energized and wanting more. Here are ten powerful insights that were too good not to share…

  1. Your voice is at the heart of your power. Carla Harris shared that no one knows how to be you better than you. People can sense authenticity and they gravitate toward it. They will listen to you with different ears and see you through a different lens.
  2. Influence is a choice; it is a series of decisions that we make. Linkage’s Jill Ihsanullah reminded us that you have to be clear on your agenda and bold enough to advocate for it. Watch a recent webinar where she shares how organizations can advance women.
  3. Look for the genius in others. There are leaders who use their intelligence to provoke and amplify capability in those around them. Liz Wiseman calls them Multipliers. Are you harnessing or hindering the intelligence in your organization?
  4. What we think and feel drives what we say and do. Susan Brady explained that worthiness is a moment by moment practice to coach our inner critic. Be kind to yourself and remember “you are enough and you matter…and they are enough and they matter, too.” Try using Susan’s essential coaching guide.
  5. Pause to create WhiteSpace. Juliet Funt asked us: Is there anything I can let go of? Where is “good enough,” good enough? What do I truly need to know? What deserves my attention? Read Juliet’s blog and follow her on Twitter.
  6. Gender equality is good for everyone. Michael Kimmel says it’s time to engage men in the conversation about gender. They must feel like they are stakeholders in the equation in order to move the needle.
  7. Leadership is a lot of things, but comfortable is not one of them. Dalia Mogahed spoke to us about her journey and the constant scrutiny she faces as a Muslim woman. She urged us to practice self-compassion and commit to progress, not perfection. Read Matt Norquist’s interview with her.
  8. Emotions are contagious and they precede us. Your ability to influence and persuade depends on whether you can let go of your agenda. Greg Zlevor offers practical tips for influencing effectively.
  9. Reframing is the first step to imagining what’s possible. Overwhelmed with trying to do it all? Challenge your own assumptions and bias. Here’s how to start: 1) Become aware; 2) Pause; 3) Reframe; 4) Respond. Tell us what you will be #iWILbe.
  10. Leadership development is a choice. It can be life changing if you allow it to be. Read sage words of advice from Institute participant Rochelle Brown on our blog.

Which moment resonated most with you? Share your thoughts in the comments section below or tweet us #LinkageWIL. Mark your calendars for 2017! Join us November 13-16 for your own transformational experience.

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Kerry Brady Seitz is the Executive Director of Linkage’s Women in Leadership Institute™, where she oversees the design, development and execution of this global signature program for high-performing women leaders. She also guides the design, development and delivery of Linkage's Advancing Women Leaders & Inclusive Leadership Solutions.

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