Seven Steps to Optimizing Your Succession Planning System

By Kristin Schepici on June 19, 2012

One of the critical questions facing leading organizations is how to develop the next generation of leaders. Organizations need to be proactive and prepared for future performance with a “ready now” workforce. Here are seven steps to help optimize your organization’s succession planning system:
  1. Build a development mindset in your organization—Choose to manage people as tangible assets while motivating employees to help drive performance
  2. Drive organization alignment both domestically and internationally—Be integrated with the overall business model and ask, “why are we doing it?”
  3. Inspire a “learning organization”—Document and discuss the lessons learned, both positive and negative, while being open-minded, responding to change, and rewarding risk taking
  4. Ensure data driven decision-making—Data analysis leads to credibility. Measure improvements in leadership pipelines, diversity, progression and
  5. Segment, align, and develop talent—Critical to driving operational excellence and organic growth. Succession planning should not be viewed as a single process
  6. Continually assess your performance culture—Make sure employees on benchmarks are performers
  7. Gain the support and participation of the CEO or President in the process. This is essential to achieving positive results and driving change

Do you have a formal succession plan for your organization in place?

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