Six Steps for Increasing Accountability and Keeping Commitments

By Muriel Jones on September 28, 2012

Mark Samuels Thought Leader Series

Mark Samuels Thought Leader SeriesIn a recent Huffington Post article, Mark Samuel, our featured presenter of Unleash the Power of an Accountable Organization, discusses how keeping commitments can actually–in a specific context–undermine your accountability.

It is common thought that accountability is about keeping commitments. There is nothing so frustrating as when someone has made a commitment to us–to communicate with us, to complete a task we asked them to complete, to assist us with something we’re having difficulty with–and then fails to follow through. It can be hurtful or frustrating, and our typical response is: “You aren’t being accountable.” Read more>>

Mark Samuel is the founder and president of a consulting firm that specializes in implementing accountability-based culture change, accountability-based leadership and self-directed teams. As the nationally acclaimed author of The Accountability Revolution: Achieve Breakthrough Results in Half the Time!, Mark Samuel has been featured in Fortune as a top authority on “how companies can end blame in the ranks, and create a place where people want to work and get results.”

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