Sound bites from Day 1 at #LinkageWIL

By Rita Buscher Kulis on November 3, 2015

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet hundreds of leaders at our Women in Leadership Institute™ over the past four years. I relish in the opportunity to find out what motivates them, why they attend, hearing their “aha” moments, and learning what commitments they are willing to make going forward.

I’ve discovered that they are each united in their belief that the Institute experience is immensely powerful—but that is where the similarity ends.

Rather than tell you how I experienced the first day of our 2015 Institute yesterday, I’m going to share highlights as told by the men and women attending this year’s program. I invite you to join us and follow the conversation this week using #LinkageWIL.

Looking forward to meeting diverse women and getting out of my comfort zone





Photo of the room filling up with leaders












Looking forward to growing as a leader




TEKsystems women are excited to be here













As leaders, we are climbing mountains and forming trails that are not yet there





Sheila Heen speaking












it isn't just about getting better at giving feedback, it's about how you receive it




Others have information about us that we are incapable of seeing





do you make it a point to let others know what you are doing?





Picture of serenity at the Institute













Everyone has something valuable to contribute














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