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The Mystery of Leadership | An Excerpt from “Become: The Path to Purposeful Leadership”

By Jennifer McCollum on September 18, 2019

Linkage's Mark Hannum authors new book on Purposeful Leadership

Read an exclusive excerpt from Linkage’s new book, due out this fall.

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How good organizations become great

By Rich Rosier on February 8, 2016

Good is the enemy of great. We’ve all seen ample evidence of companies getting good at something, only to then stall, get defensive, and ultimately fail.

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Leading in a very real crisis

By Bill Springer on June 17, 2015

This recent post on www.hbr.org about being a business leader in a war-torn country provides unique perspective and valuable insight into how to lead in a real, life-threatening crisis that can also be applied in any sort of crisis.

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Presence matters

By Bill Springer on February 10, 2015

Strong leadership “presence” alone is by no means the only requirement for advancing as a leader, but recent research does show that one reason women are under-represented at the senior leadership level is that they are “just not seen as leaders” or “lack executive presence.”

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University of Michigan to host groundbreaking summit for women leaders in healthcare and academic medicine

By Bill Springer on January 16, 2015

The Leadership Summit for Women: Leading the Future of Healthcare and Academic Medicine is an innovative, one-day summit specifically designed to provide the essential skills, networking, and dialogue that are critical to helping women advance into senior positions in healthcare and academic medicine.

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Announcing The 30-Second Guide to Coaching Your Inner Critic

By Bill Springer on December 9, 2014

You can be a better leader and manager by coaching your inner critic. But after reading this short book you might find that the rewards of keeping your inner critic in check—better relationships, better ideas, better work performance, even better sleep—have universal appeal.

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You’ve Got to “Set the Vision”

By Kristin Schepici on December 11, 2012

Mark Samuels Thought Leader Series

We recently sat down with best-selling author Mark Samuel to learn more about on how individuals and companies end blame in the ranks and create a place where people want to work.

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The 7Rs of Process Innovation with Stephen Shapiro

By Kristin Schepici on December 5, 2012

Stephen M Shapiro Linkage Thought Leader Series

According to our innovation partner, Stephen Shapiro: “Well designed processes can help an organization become more innovative.”

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Ten Tips for Building Realistic Optimism

By Muriel Jones on October 4, 2012

The Linkage Leadership Academy

  “Optimism is true moral courage.” – Sir Ernest Shackleton, Antarctic Explorer Optimism is not about whether you see the cup half full or half empty. Realistic Optimism is something you do—a particular way that you explain to yourself the events that

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Six Steps for Increasing Accountability and Keeping Commitments

By Muriel Jones on September 28, 2012

Mark Samuels Thought Leader Series

In a recent Huffington Post article, Mark Samuel, our featured presenter of Unleash the Power of an Accountable Organization, discusses how keeping commitments can actually–in a specific context–undermine your accountability. It is common thought that accountability is about keeping commitments. There is nothing so

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