What do sea turtles have to do with innovation?

By Bill Springer on April 23, 2015

Linkage faculty member, Global Institute for Leadership Development® keynote speaker, and innovation expert Jeremy Gutsche has been described as an “Intellectual can of Red Bull.” And anyone who’s seen Jeremy share his insights on innovation, change, and leading in the 21st century would probably agree.

But Jeremy is also a master at distilling and delivering wisdom in ways that can help us all be better leaders. Check him out in this short clip about sea turtles and the circularity of trends and ideas, and the importance of stepping back to see the big picture.

He’s absolutely right.

The question is: Are you missing something that’s hiding in plain sight?

And the cool thing is you don’t have to wait until GILD to learn from Jeremy live. He’ll be presenting a Linkage webinar titled “How to Innovate Better and Faster” next month. Click on the orange button below to learn more.


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One comment on “What do sea turtles have to do with innovation?
  1. Great snip-it and analogy that Jeremy conveys!

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