The ultimate value of an executive coach

By Dave Vaughn on January 14, 2015

The ultimate measure of a coach’s success is his or her ability to build a bond with the person being coached. The bond can be explained much like that between two neighbors, or better yet, two friends. And the best coaches hold themselves accountable for not just the leadership development of their coachees, but for actually helping them solve their business problems.

I recently had someone I’m coaching tell me he found himself as concerned about a particular employee performance issue that was facing his coachee as he would have been if it was his own challenge. When this happens, you can be sure the coaching engagement has turned the corner and that you, as a coach, have reached a state in which your coaching practice (internal or external) is not just helping the person being coached, but also the organization with which the coachee works.

When it’s done right, the ultimate value of having an executive coach is that you have a trusted advisor who can help you develop and solve your business challenges in real time.

Do you have a trusted advisor who cares as much about your business challenges as you do? You should, and we can help.


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About Dave Vaughn

David Vaughn is a Vice President, Principal Consultant, and leader of Linkage’s Coaching practice. His recent work has focused on helping clients navigate matrix management, deploy a coaching culture, build an internal consulting discipline, and develop senior leadership teams.

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