What’s your Life Goal in 6 words?

By Rita Buscher Kulis on March 27, 2015

Twitter has been buzzing with people’s #6WordLifeGoal recently. And while some in the Twittersphere aspire to promote animal rescue, others want to travel more or spend more time with family. Still others hope to “change the world” by reuniting boy band One Direction with their recently parted brother, Zayn Malik!

But the question “What is your 6-word life goal?” is actually quite profound. In fact, some of the answers we heard from our colleagues here at Linkage are downright inspiring.

Many were about family…

“Be balanced, kind, and family focused.” —Kelly Gruber, Office Manager

“Guide my family through all obstacles.” —Joe Sinopli, Senior Programming Project Manager

“Love, family, horizons expanding, travel, equity.” —Lauren Rodriguez, Consultant

“Be the best father and husband.” —Demetriouse Russell, Director of Strategic Accounts

Some were more philosophical…

“Enjoy today; don’t worry about tomorrow.” —Sarah Breigle, Marketing Director

“Help shape a fair, just world” —Dana Yonchak, Vice President of Marketing

“Love with action; live without regret.” —Rachael Marangu, Women in Leadership Institute Program Director

“Unleash the potential of women everywhere.” —Susan Brady, Executive Vice President

“Help others, have fun, take pictures.” —Chris DeCourcy, Growth & Development Training Specialist

“It takes courage to find success.” —Bill Ranta, Director of Strategic Accounts

“Embrace curiosity—practice understanding and kindness.” —Briana Goldman, Consultant

“Die and leave the world mourning.” —Fred Benson, Customer Service Supervisor

“Help people live their best life” —Sarah Bettman,  Principal Consultant

“To be a force for good.” —Owen Broch, Development Training Specialist

“No waiting, no hoping, no conservatism.” —Gary Johnson, Vice President of Sales

“Awaken, inspire, encourage, and have fun!” —Danielle Lucido, GILD Specialist

“Always say yes to the adventure.” —Rita Buscher, Senior Marketing Manager

“Be stronger than the next one.” —Rory Cellucci, Marketing Coordinator

“Do as much good as possible.” —Muriel Jones, Senior Marketing Manager

“To always eat pancakes.” —Bill Springer, Senior Content Editor

“Get stronger everyday.” —Corinne DiPietro, Program Manager

And others were practical…

“Become a centenarian.” —Donald Auger, Program Manager, and a man of few words

“Be a Bruins season ticket holder.” —Amy Kimball, Project Manager

Understanding your goals is critical in leadership and in life. What’s your #6WordLifeGoal? Please share it with us below.

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When she's not geeking out over marketing, Rita Buscher Kulis hits the hiking trails with her 100-pound lab, Indy. A Lego enthusiast, you can find Rita on Twitter at @Buscher.
4 comments on “What’s your Life Goal in 6 words?
  1. Sarah Price says:

    To live with joy and authenticty

  2. Love myself, others and life everyday

    • Rita Buscher says:

      Thank you Debbie.

      Have you always had a similar life goal or has it evolved over time?

      Have a great day!


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