What inspires you?

By Bill Springer on June 5, 2015

What inspires you?

It’s a powerful question that we ask the people we work with all of the time. And as you’ll see in this short video clip, some of the women leaders at our Women in Leadership Institute  are inspired to tame their Inner Critic. Others are inspired to leave a leadership legacy for women leaders coming up behind them. And others are inspired to show both their daughters (and sons) what a great leader looks like.

Their answers confirm that our efforts to help advance women leaders, and to help all leaders be more inclusive are really making an impact.

Meanwhile, we here at Linkage have been asking this same question of ourselves. Some of us have even taken to posting what inspires us (everything from jumping into the ocean on a cool spring day to being inspired by those who have overcome devastating hardships) on big, neon-colored Post-It Notes® all over our office in Burlington, MA.


What inspires you?

So, what inspires you? Please share your thoughts with us below. Nothing moves and motivates us more than helping leaders identify and understand what inspires them.

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2 comments on “What inspires you?
  1. Michelle Dillon says:

    Authenticity and respect are what inspires me. When I see a leader that is not afraid to show a human side and that treats entry level employees with as much respect as the board members, I say to myself…”that’s a leader I want to follow.”

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