Your organization must be ‘change-able’

By Stu Cohen and Briana Goldman on June 11, 2015

Leading organizational change has moved from a nice to have to a need to have. It’s more important now than ever before that we understand what change leadership really means—it’s more than just being decisive and communicating your vision. It’s more than just gathering the brightest people and coming up with the next great product innovation. It’s not even about getting people to go along with the latest change strategy. To truly be successful, every leader and organization must have the ability to evolve, adapt, and even predict market shifts.

In short, leaders and organizations must be change-able.

The fast pace of globalization, technology, and competition is not only changing markets—these factors are also leading to rapid shifts in the workforce. “Change” is much more than an overused term to describe a new strategy and it doesn’t end two weeks after the addition of a new team member or even three years after a merger.

Change is there when your company decides to focus on innovation and expand or shift product offerings or processes. It’s there when your company decides to promote its inclusion efforts and when the leadership wonders why hiring more women hasn’t increased its retention of women. In fact, change is in the background of nearly every decision an organization must make because it is the fundamental building block of growth.

Needless to say, instilling change doesn’t come easily to most organizations.

So, if you’re lucky enough to work with a leadership team that’s focused on fostering a change-able culture, you know how it helps increase productivity, grow market share, and deliver bottom-line business results.

But if you don’t (and the chances are pretty high that you might not), we can help. Learn how Entegris mobilized their internal resources to develop a competitive advantage.

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About Stu Cohen and Briana Goldman

Stu Cohen is a Principal Consultant who has more than 25 years of experience as an internal and external consultant to Fortune 100 organizations, who specializes in change and transition leadership, executive coaching, and leadership development. Briana Goldman is a Consultant who specializes in designing, facilitating, and implementing change leadership, team effectiveness, and leadership development programs

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